Resources from the professionals — including cooking tips, food preparation, and safety in the kitchen — are available to help you create healthy and tasty meals for your residents.


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Snacking Smart

Plan Your Snacks Snacks can fit into a healthy eating plan and provide an energy boost between meals if they’re planned right. Choosing nutritious foods can help reduce sources of empty calories and added sugar. Snacks for people who are less active should be 200 calories or less. Make snacking a smart habit by: • […]

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Add Flavor — Not Salt

Flavoring Your Food with Spices and Herbs Salt is an essential part of the human diet and the body, and it’s also one of the most commonly used seasonings for adding instant flavor to food. However, too much salt can cause damage. Sodium forces you to retain water, which puts extra pressure on your blood […]

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Healthy Fall Activities

Make the Most of the Seasonal Weather Looking for fun outdoor activities to fill your spare time this fall? Here are three ideas that you can’t do any other time of the year! Not not only will they get you out into the crisp autumn air, but they will also keep your body in motion! […]

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Fall Food Storage

How to Store Your Fall Fruit and Veggies Whether you grew your own produce in the garden or bought it at the grocery store, no one wants there food to spoil prematurely. Here are a few tips to help keep your fall fruits and veggies longer. Apples Store in a dark, cool location. Isolate them, […]

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Fall Smoothies

Autumn in a Glass Although we enjoy the long days of summer, the cooler days and cozy nights of fall are quite refreshing! As we welcome the change of season, try these anytime-of-the-day smoothie recipes. Pumpkin Spice Smoothie As soon as fall arrived, we jumped right on that pumpkin spice bandwagon. No shame here… we […]

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Healthy Fall Foods

Seasonal Produce Picks The autumn harvest includes a variety of root vegetables and crisp fruits — perfect for creating comfort food meals to enjoy as the weather begins to cool. Send-of-summer foods like blueberries and raspberries may have an encore, while others, like parsnips, make their first appearance of the year. Farmers’ markets are a […]

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How to Handle Food Cravings

A Balanced Eating Plan What happens when your cravings become overwhelming and lead to overindulgence and feelings of guilt? When people follow restrictive diets or completely cut out groups of foods, cravings can become more intense and can lead to a vicious cycle of indulging, overeating, and guilt. A balanced eating plan that allows foods […]

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Shopping Healthy on a Budget

Seven Tips to Consider With a little know-how and advance planning, you can enjoy nutritious foods while sticking to a tight budget. Plan around Sales The key to smart, budget-friendly grocery shopping is to plan ahead for the week. Plan meals around fresh produce, lean proteins and low-fat dairy items that are on sale to […]

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Nutrition and Farmers’ Markets

Shopping for Nutrition at Your Local Farmers’ Markets What’s your biggest obstacle to healthful eating? Perhaps you think fruits and vegetables are too expensive or just don’t like the way they taste. Your local farmers’ markets can help you overcome these barriers. In many cases, food at the farmers market is more affordable and tastes […]

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Are Canned Foods Nutritious?

The Truth About Canned Foods Canned foods can play an important role in an overall healthy diet. People who consume more canned foods tend to have a higher intake of fruits and vegetables and a higher intake of nutrients compared to people who consume fewer canned fruits and vegetables. How Canned Foods are Made Canned […]

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Healthy Vegetarian

Tips for building a healthful eating pattern Building a balanced vegetarian diet is about so much more than making sure that meat isn’t on the plate. When you are planning vegetarian meals, be sure to skip saturated fat. Saturated fat is mostly found in animal products, but that doesn’t just mean meat. Full-fat milk, yogurt, […]

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Time-Saving Cooking Tips

Time-Saving Cooking Tips It just takes a little planning to be able to turn out delicious, nutritious meals in very little time. Check out the following strategies to see which ones work for you. You’ll be able to save time and energy! Cook when you can • When are you the busiest? Plan ahead so […]

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