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Meeting the nutritional needs of your residents can be challenging with today’s strict dietary guidelines, limited budgets, and staff turnover. Lintons360 — our innovative, web-based nutrition tool — will help manage and meet these needs in your group home or resident meal program with a full-view approach.

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Residential Meal Program Management

Lintons360 features streamlined mealtime preparation geared to each resident facility, including choice-based menus, grocery shopping lists, and recipe preparation steps. Information is presented in a user-friendly format, which is beneficial for oversight by managers, surveyors, and accreditation bodies. Consistency and accountability become the standard for mealtime.

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Weekly Menus on the Computer

What We Offer

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Menus have been created by Lintons registered dietitian nutritionists. Choose from a variety of menus to mix and match, based on what works best for your residents’ likes, dislikes, and nutritional concerns. Nutritional information, diet extensions, textured meal preparation, and shopping lists based on menu choices are just a few of the resources available with Lintons360.

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Recipes are simple, delicious, cost-effective, and nutritious. Each can be adjusted for the number of servings, eliminating the need for guesswork. Included in the recipes are portion size, ingredient list, step-by-step instructions, nutritional and allergen information, and safety meal preparation standards (HACCP).

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Resources from the professionals — including cooking tips, food preparation, and safety in the kitchen — are available to help you create healthy and tasty meals for your residents. Theme menus are available that center on holidays or seasons to break from the menu rotation — a fun way to create interest among residents.

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LiveSmart provides ideas and suggestions for healthy living, not only for mealtime, but throughout the day as well. Information about healthy snack options, preventative food, and Lintons’ Share the Health Nutrition Education Series nourish the minds of your staff and residents. Learn to create special meals (for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) that can be as nutritious as they are celebratory and how to include everyone in the meal process.

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