November is Good Nutrition Month

Celebrated during November, Good Nutrition Month serves as a reminder to continue to eat healthy as we enter the holiday season.

Information about good nutrition is essential for overall health, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, and learning to incorporate healthy behaviors into your life.

To celebrate Good Nutrition Month and teach employees about the importance of healthy eating, Lintons hosted activities every week during November. This year’s weekly themes included Meal Planning and Prepping, The Mediterranean Diet, Fill Up with Fiber, and Shape It Up!

The first topic to initiate Good Nutrition Month was Meal Planning and Prepping. Lintons associates greeted participants with a cup of refreshing infused water at hydration stations and distributed information on how weekly meal planning and prepping can keep us on track with healthy eating.

Week two highlighted the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. Research suggests following the Mediterranean Diet can decrease your risk of many diseases. Hosts encouraged participants to attend an informational seminar discussing what the popular diet is and how to incorporate it into your daily lifestyle. Attendees were also offered a tasty sample after the event.

During week three, Fill Up with Fiber,  participants tested their knowledge on fiber and the role it plays in a healthy diet. Those who scored 100% had the chance to win a gift card.

As the days grow shorter and the weather gets colder, snacking on high-calorie treats and beverages while lounging around on the sofa can be extra tempting. The last week of Good Nutrition Month, Shape It Up, offered solutions on how to keep the body moving through light, daily exercises, and how to snack healthy as we navigate through the chaos and commotion at the height of the holiday season.

Lintons is proud to be a leader in good nutrition, and continues to promote good, healthy food choices throughout the year!

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