Share The Health

Lintons360 to Launch New Education Program “Share the Health”

Lintons is committed to the health and well-being of those we serve, and nutrition education is an essential part of that commitment. Our Share the Health program provides resources specifically designed to promote healthy choices and physical activities for longer and more fulfilling lives. Each month, look for printable Share the Health materials in the Nutrition Education section of our Lintons360 LiveSmart page.

Encouraging Positive Change

Lintons’ Share the Health program provides information to help residents and staff make healthy decisions and form healthy habits. Specifically designed for adults, these materials cover a wide range of nutrition education topics, including diabetes, nutrition labels, and portion control. The purpose of each topic is to encourage positive change and healthy decision making with practical nutrition education that’s relevant to daily living.

Features and Benefits

• Provides complex information in a simple and easily understandable format
• Encourages positive change in eating patterns and physical activity
• Provides information that is practical and usable in an everyday setting
• Offers opportunity for individuals to learn about the nutrition essentials for overall health and well-being

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