What is Lintons360?

Lintons360 provides everything you need to create
healthy, delicious meals for your group home residents.


Menu planning is important — it saves time and money, promotes healthier choices, improves grocery shopping skills, and keeps mealtimes on schedule. Our registered dietitian nutritionists — with years of experience working with varied healthcare settings — have designed these menus specifically for your residents and their dietary needs. In addition, our weekly menus are printer-friendly and ready to use without the need for special software.



The use of standardized recipes ensures menu items will be consistent in taste and quality every time. Recipes are linked to your designated weekly menu, and you can search Lintons360's database for additional options. Allergen icons are easily recognizable, while the Number of Servings option helps you to avoid leftovers or shortages. Ingredients are conveniently listed below the cook time and temperature, cooking method, and serving size. HACCP Critical Control Points (CCP) are listed on each recipe to ensure the dish is cooked properly and safely. All recipes can be viewed on the website or printed for reference.


Nutrient Analysis & Dietary Restrictions

Consumers want to make informed choices about the food they eat. To do that, they need to know one very important thing: What’s in the meal? Lintons360 provides a precise Menu and Nutrient Analysis to assess compliance with all dietary specifications. The analyses are broken out per meal and per item, while the Diet Extensions Reports provide instruction on how to serve each item for both standard and therapeutic diets. This is one of the most critical reports available for your staff.

Dietary Restrictions

Weekly Shopping Lists

Grocery shopping can be a difficult task — even for the most organized person! Lintons360 Weekly Shopping Lists are provided so your team can easy source all the ingredients needed for every meal. Unhealthy (yet tempting) foods are lurking in every aisle, threatening to offset your nutritional goals. A well-thought-out grocery list can help you navigate the store with ease and stick to your menu. More than just a memory aid, a grocery list can lead to healthier food choices, minimize impulse buying, and save you time and money. Access your lists by selecting Shopping List on the Menu page.

Weekly Shopping List

Resources & LiveSmart

There are many factors affect our health — some, we cannot control, such as genetic makeup or age. However, there are other factors that we can control, such as lifestyle choices. By taking steps toward healthier living, we can reduce illness and disease. Our Resource Center and LiveSmart materials provide a comprehensive source of information: Nutrition A-Z, physical activity suggestions, nutritional challenges, food safety materials, and helpful guides on various topics. Lintons360 helps to create positive changes in attitudes, behaviors, and choices for healthier outcomes among individuals and communities.

How do I get started?

How do I get started?

  • Contact Lintons360 using an easy and convenient form located here.
  • A Lintons360 representative will follow up to discuss your needs and program options.
  • A menu review and selection process will be completed based on the nutritional needs of your residents.
  • Your selected menus, along with nutritional analysis and shopping lists, will be uploaded to Lintons360 and a username and password will be created.
  • Notification will be sent via email when your account is set up.
  • You will receive a Resource Binder with your first season’s set of menus, nutritional analysis, recipes, and information for auditing purposes.


The average time is less than 4 weeks to be up and running with all the Lintons360 menus, recipes, nutritionals and resources at you and your staffs’ finger tips.

Your menu binder will be sent prior to your start date on the Lintons360 website. The binder will be full current menus and any changes to menus going forward can be printed onsite and placed Lintons360 binder.

You can set as many menus as homes based, this allows a menu that is geared to each home’s residents.

We’ve designed our website with administrators in mind to allow access to multiple menus with just one login.

This information will be available during your review.

Clients will be billed yearly.

We have the ability to customize menus.

Holiday and seasonal special events menus will be available.

There will be general modified texture steps available for reference.

We provide dietary extensions for multiple diets.

We will have a 2-week snack menu available that every user has access to which includes a nutritional analysis and shopping list.

Our Resources page will have education and training tools available.